Concrete Alley, Mexico City, Mexico, Pink Wall, Los Angeles, California, Car Ramps,Cologne, Germany, Blue Building,Los Angeles, California, Striped Wall, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Looking out onto Street, Cologne, Germany, White Building, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico , Blue Carport, Mexico City, Mexico, Campus Passageway, Tokyo, Japan, Power Plant White Walls, Atlanta, Gerogia, Air Terminal, New York City, Bavarian Inn, Hamburg, Germany, Storage Building, Brooklyn, New York, Corrugated Sufaces in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Terminal Floor, Mexico City, Mexico, Roadway, Helsinki, Finland, Cables from train platform, Tokyo, Japan, Roof Top, New York, NY<br /><a href="/content.html?page=3#Architor_Space" target="_top">Artist Statement</a>, Open Street in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Café in Budapest, Hungary, Entrances to Parking Lot, Hamburg, Germany, Sundial on Wall, Leiden, Netherlands, Cobblestone Walk, Rome, Italy, Exterior Elevation Budapest, Hungary, Convention Center Column, New York City, Sculpture in Lobby Rome, Italy, Open Street, Mexico, Apartment Parody, Germany, Corrugated Driveway, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Entrances to bomb shelter, Hamburg, Germany, Green Stairs, Tokyo, Japan, Corner, BART Station, San Francisco, California, Staircase, Munich, Germany, Looking Down from Stairs, Tokyo, Japan, Scaffold Covering in Hamburg Germany, Railroad and Buildings, Tokyo, Japan, Roof parking lot Lincoln, Nebraska, Corrugated structure, Utrecht, Netherlands, Building Rooftop, New York City, Cold Water Bath and Shower, Budapest, Space the area offices. New York City, Green Shanty, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Outside staircase, Tokyo, Japan, Finnish Train going South, Finland, Building Loading Dock, Den Haag, Netherlands, Rubble by Lift, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Striped façade in Budapest, Gated Area with Staircase, Tokyo, Japan, Footstep in Budapest, Tokyo Back Alley, Tokyo, Japan, From the Subway Platform, Subway, Japan, Wavy Suface Wall, Mexico City, Green Awning, Atlanta, Georgia, Construction Walkway, Utrecht, Netherlands, Yellowish Lobby, Havana, Cuba, Purple Staircase, Mexico City, Mexico, Powder Blue Room, Havana, Cuba, Time Clock in Office, Havana, Cuba, Open Door,Estonia, Administrador Desk, Mexico City, Buildings Brick Wall Facade, New York City, Berlin TV tower Berlin, Deutschland, Deconstruction Site, Leiden, Netherlands, Derrick in Rotterdam, Netherlands, City Center in Den Haag, Netherlands, Lincoln, Nebraska, Yellow Building, Columbus, Ohio, Building Number Five, Leiden, Netherlands, Barbershop Alley, Nebraska, Architecture in Nebraska, Lobby Entrances, Germany, Escalator and Hallway, NY, New York, Bust in Office, Budapest, Hungary, Parking Area Low Cement Ceiling, Cleveland, Ohio, Convention Center Balcony, New York City, Theater Stage, New York City, Blue Door, Columbus, Ohio, Football Stadium, Columbus, Ohio, Riverdale Basement, Bronx, New York, Tunnels, Food Court, Houston, Texas, Slat Wall, 57th Street & Madison Ave., NY, New York, Record Explosion, NY, New York , New York Tech College, Brooklyn, New York, 41st Street Parking Garage, NY, New York, Empire State Building Lobby, NY, New York, Computer Room, NY, New York, Football Stadium Ramp, Columbus, Ohio, Havana Libre Hotel, Havana, Cuba, Havana Libre Hotel Lobby, Havana, Cuba, Wells Fargo Tunnel, Houston, Texas, Lobby @ 9 West 57th Street, New York City, Laundromat, Sunset over Dryers, Columbus, Ohio, Medical Office, Brooklyn, New York, Office Hall Way Dead End, NY, New York.