Daniel Mirer Photographer
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Riding into Sunset, Los Angeles, California<br /><a href="/content.html?page=3#Indifferent_West" target="_top">Artist Statement</a> Pony Express Trail Camper Landscape, Yosemite National Park, California American Flyer, Utah Canyon in Deutschland Wagon Monkey Bars, Nevada Manzanar Relocation Center, California Border Inn, Nevada Lanes Lounge & Snow Cap Mountains, Colorado Cowboy Church, Nevada Calico Real Estate, Stagecoach Nevada Home Furnisings, Truth or Consequence, New Mexico Red Clay and Red Building, New Mexico Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert, California Cinder Block Joshua Tree, California Cholla Cactus Landscape, New Mexico Canyon Overpass, New Mexico Rock Face and Tree White Sands New Mexico Joshua Tree and RV, Mojave Desert, California Western stage in Deutschland Entrance, Law Man, Virginia City, Nevada Happy is That People Whose God is the Lord Tusion, Arizona, No shopping area Nice Indians Behind You, New Mexico Countryside Homes, Manhattan Kansas Tax Free Window Walled Terrain, Utah Water Park, Utah Living on the Edge, Kansas Tan Pickup, Truth or Consequence, New Mexico Rock Rubble by the Rio Grande, Truth or Consequence, New Mexico Rocking Horse in Car, Arizona Sexee Nude Ladies, Arizona Weapons of Winnetou, Bad Segeberg, DE Cherokee Apartments, Truth or Consequence, New Mexico Water Tank, Rest Stop I-80,  New Mexico Cowboy and Deer, California Flintstone Village, Arizona Landscape in Atlantic City, New Jersey No Vacancy Pink Motel, Truth or Consequence, New Mexico Main Street, Flagler, Colorado Travel Bus Landscape,  Utah Fire Extinguisher at Bomb Museum, Nevada Steak in Texas Save Water Buy Cacti, CA Jesus, I Trust in You I-70 Kansas New Development, Albuquerque, New Mexico Texas Longhorn, I 70,Texas Hot Stuff, The Kitchen, New Mexico Stop The Dilling, New Mexico Feed The Live Snakes, Texas Gun Show or Pregnant, Tucson AZ Law Man, Virginia City, Nevada American Badger, Virginia City, Nevada Way home from Work, Truth or Consequence, New Mexico Man wearing buckskin in Deutschland, Bad Segeberg DE German Indians, Bad Segeberg DE Randy West and his horse, Arizona Sheriff, Houston Texas Take Photo a of the Navajo Girl, Utah Cathedral Rock Room, Nevada Path through the field, Truth or Cosequences, New Mexico The Loneliest Road In America, Nevada Teepee & Trailers, California Atlantic City, New Jersey Dream catchers, Utah White Pig and Lynching, LA, California Manzanar, California
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